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Ypres 1916-1918 - Le cahier du Sergent Henry 9782843783746


1er novembre 2009 - Édité par Triomphe
© 2009 Triomphe / Glogowski


Ypres, le "Verdun " des troupes anglaises pendant la 1ère guerre mondiale. Un lieu du souvenir visité par toute la jeunesse britannique. Who cares about the names and the dates ? Historians will take care of that some day... »The notebook of a sergent in the British Army who was committed alongside d’Ypres in Belgium until that immense massacre that historians later called the Great War.The life of a British unit at the very heart of the war : friendship, fear, bravery ... what makes a soldier a heroe, remaining human when everything is turning inhuman.One year before the celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of this conflict, wouldn’t it be highly interesting to read from those who have been through this terrible years rather than from historians or theorists.This is exactly what this comic book manages to do with powerful drawings and deeply touching speeches. A comic book in which the account is rather a tribute to soldiers from every country and a peace message for the coming generations.

Ypres 1916-1918 - Le cahier du Sergent Henry est un album oneshot de Philippe Glogowski, paru en 2005. Selon Bande Dessinée Info, il possède 2 éditions, dont la principale est éditée par Triomphe en 2005.


Scénariste: Philippe Glogowski
Dessinateur: Philippe Glogowski
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2 éditions

Ypres 1916-1918 - Le cahier du Sergent Henry - 9782960019506
1er mai 2005
Editeur: Triomphe
ISBN: 9782960019506
EAN: 9782960019506
Ypres 1916-1918 - Le cahier du Sergent Henry - 9782843783746
1er novembre 2009
Editeur: Triomphe
ISBN: 9782843783746
EAN: 9782843783746
Poids: 0.79 kg

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